Abiy Ahmed Nominated as Person of the Year 2018 by African Leadership Magazine

The African Leadership Magazine has unveiled a shortlist of nominees for the 2018 African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year 2018. The Publisher, Dr. Ken Giami, who unveiled the nominees at the group’s corporate head office in the UK, observed that the nominations for the 2018 edition of the Persons of the Year, attracted submissions from East, West, South, North and Southern Africa. The publisher also stated that “all the nominees have risen above the obvious challenges that their milieus have thrown at them to achieve greatness in their own unique ways but in different roles.”

The shortlist was preceded by a call for the nomination which attracted over 250 entries, from within and outside the continent. The eventual winners would be decided via a voting process.

Since he took office in April prime minister Abiy Ahmed has made significant economic and political reforms in the nation, including the release of political prisoners and journalists as well as semi-privatization of huge government enterprises as economic reforms.

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