Abiy Ahmed To Meet Ethiopian In US

Dubbed as “demolish the wall, let‘s build the bridge”, the meeting will bring together the new Prime minister and many Ethiopian diaspora communities.

According to committee members who organize the event, Abiy is expected to address Ethiopians in the diaspora with different social, political and economic issues.

During his stay in US, the prime minister will also pass his message of peace, love, and reconciliation.

The meeting to be held on July 28 and 29 is an opportunity for the Prime minister to urge the Ethiopians to bring their talents home and support development and democratization, according to State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Almaz Ayano.

In the previous times, the Ethiopian government and the diaspora community were on the outs and several numbers of the diaspora community were against the local politics.

However, currently the diaspora seems a supporter of the new leadership and current reforms, supports were expressed through rallies held in Washington and other states in the US.

This is his first visit abroad only to meet Ethiopians.

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