Ethiopikalink: Comedian Dereje haile Wedding Surprise

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Ethiopikalink Wust Awake hosts explore the up and coming marriage of the famous Ethiopian comedian Dereje Haile. Dereje Haile is set to marry a Sebele Admasu at the East-West Wedding Hall a day after this radio episode. The hosts express pleasure at this occurrence.

In addition, the hosts state that a special and different gift has been given to the bride and groom.

This episode of Ethiopiaikalink kicks off with a lot of suspense as radio hosts ask ‘Who is the one person Dereje Haile wants at his wedding?’ He is being looked for by foot and by horse, the host of Wust Awake tells us.

Dereje and his wife Sebele have invited 1200 guests to the East-West Wedding venue. 

Also, the famous comedians’ friends have been looking everywhere for an individual. Finally, Ethiopikalink reveals that phantom individual that Dereje was searching for is  Lemene Tadesse.

In addition, Dereje Haile asks that Wust Awake help him find Lemene and sends this message:

“Birtukan Tadesse please bring Lemene Tadesse to the wedding tomorrow.”

Newly-Weds Get a Full Range of Household furniture from Broadcast Company

Encom Trading or EBS television has agreed to pay for the Ox for Dereje’s wedding. In this broadcast, we learn that Encom Trading is buying Dereje the entire range of household furniture. The goods have already been delivered to his home in the Nifas Silk section of Lafto.

In continuing, comedian Dereje Haile and his wife Sebele’s wedding has been a hope of the radio hosts for the past decade. Also, “All things happen at God’s bidding,” says one of them.

Finally, Dereje is invited for a phone interview. Dereje had told them something might happen in 2010 (Ethiopian Calendar). And, it did. Also, Dereje says his friends and relatives are all working to make the wedding a success. When the hosts ask him about the wedding.”There is nothing new,” Dereje says in an off hand.

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