Drivers in Oromia Switch to Digital Driving Licences

Oromia Transport Bureau announced that it began to issue digital driving licenses to drivers in the region, Fana Broadcasting reported today.

Bureau has imported 14 printing machines which can print two license cards in a minute, said Mihret Shanka, director at Oromia Transport Bureau.

The printing machines and above six thousand digital driving license cards which cost around 46 million birr are distributed to seven branch offices in the region, he added.

The new digital driving licenses will be issued to drivers just a week after they are licensed after taking training in drivers training centers.

As driving license detectors are imported with the machines, the new digital license card will ease the workloads of the traffic polices to identifies original and fake cards.

Training will be given to traffic police on digital cards in time, the director said.
The new system will help to reduce fake driving license cards which are the main causes of a road traffic accident.

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