Electorial Board Start Discussions to Amend Electoral Act

The Political Parties Registration Procedure and Code of conduct will be amended before the election in 2020.

Yesterday political party members and other stakeholders hold discussions after researches papers on rules and procedures of political parties, electoral systems, and registration of political parties have been presented.

According to the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), the researches are conducted so as to make improvements on issues in which opposition political factions reportedly asked for amendments.

The recommendations and inputs of the opposition party representatives will be improved, including the comments and inputs on the study.

Electoral code of conduct for political parties, Proclamation No. 662/2009 is expected to be revised including comments and inputs from opposition political parties, Abdultelif Kedir, Head of Legal and Justice Affairs Advisory Council at Federal Attorney General told ENA.

He also further stated that these amendments on the electoral code will help political parties participate responsibly in the election.

Previously, a new draft bill to revise the Ethiopian civil society organizations (CSOs) proclamation was sent to the Council of Ministers, according to the Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia.

NEBE is a government agency which supervises the national elections of Ethiopia. The NEBE was established by Proclamation number 64/1992, and answers to the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

Months before Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has appointed Birtukan Medikssa the former opposition leader to head NEBE.

Apart from political and economic changes, prime minister Abiy Ahmed has promised the public that the country will conduct “ free and fair election’ in 2020.

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