Ethiopia Slashes Telecom, Internet tariffs for International Calls, SMS Service

Ethio telecom the giant telecom services provider in Ethiopia announced a tariff cut on an international call and SMS services.

The new tariff which will be functional starting from tomorrow drop 40 up to 10 pec price from the international call and up to 51 pc from SMS services.

According to Firehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, The discount is based on the needs of customers and will increase the companies profit.

We reached on the decision as there was a growing public request to reduce rates on an international call and SMS services, following the price cut we made on local services, said Firehiwot.

The discount will also help to prevent telecom fraud which is one of the challenges in providing quality telecom services at a reasonable price.

Rates will be reduced by 40 percent for calls to South America, 20 percent on 70.9 traffic to Europe, and 20 percent on 99.8 transportation to North America.

Also, 15 percent reduction will apply on 85.6 percent traffic to Oceania, 15 percent reduction on 98.94 traffic to Asia and the Middle East, and 10 percent reduction on 28.3 percent traffic to Africa.

Ethio-telecom will also make 51 percent tariff reduction on international SMS across all destinations effective tomorrow.

In August this year, the Ethio Telecom reduced rates by 43% on mobile internet, 40% on a voice call, 43% on SMS and 54% on broadband internet services.

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