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Segen Yifter

She is a philosophy student. If two people love each other and it is done with a goal then there is no problem. She says it should not be done in an easy going way and should be meaningful.  If you had to date a popular person worldwide, who would you date? She sighs, breathes deeply and says, “Oh my God.”

If you had to date a popular person worldwide, who would you date? She sighs, breathes deeply and says, “Oh my God.”

Radio host selects Will Smith on her behalf

She tells them she has not thought of it. This is very hard, can’t you help me. She finally says she would date Mohammed Ahmed.


Henok Wondimu

Answers yes immediately to the question. He feels that the evaluation process between a man and a woman has to include sex. Otherwise, it can lead to problems later on, he says. He seems to say that sexual chemistry is very important. When asked if he lies. He explains how there is such a thing as a white lie or a positive reason to lie.


If you answer this, there is one proposal that we have for you. Ethiopkialink has a proposal for actor Segen Yiftir.

Other artists also answer yes to sex before marriage.


Eden Gebre Selassie

There is a thing against sex before marriage. Which do you side with?

It depends, how long will the marriage last for. If you are going to wait a long time after hooking up before you get married, I don’t have a problem with it, she says.


Friyat Yemane

Fryat also agrees with the others that in the current day sex before marriage is the norm. She says it is not with just anyone that you are having sex but a lover whom you are living with for years.


Gash Abera Mola

Abera Mola laughs and says that he supports sex before marriage. He has the radio hosts laughing by suggesting that marriage might come at an old age. “Do you think you have worked for your country.”  He jokingly says that my country has worked for me and then exclaims, “Yes, I have worked for my country. I have planted trees.”


Yosef Gebre (Jossy in Z House)

He answers the religion does not allow it but I believe that you have to test each other out in that way before marriage.

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