This is How much Ethiopian Female Celebrity spend for Makeup

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Marzel – Make up Artist of Ethiopian Celebrities


On this episode of Ethiopikalink Yonas Hagos and Berhane Negussie speak with Marzel about makeup. Marzel is one of top makeup artists in the country.

Marzel is one of top makeup artists in the country.

Marzel’s full name is Yemariam Work Alemayehu. Marzel is a mix of her name with her husband’s. It is also their child’s name. Her husband encouraged her to begin this work.

Marzel used to work for Ethiopian Airlines as a flight attendant.

Yemariam was among Ethiopikalink  “Most popular Ethiopian Women on Instagram”. Marzel has 98,000 followers on her Instagram page.

She started working in the makeup industry full time 2 years ago.

Marzel is known as the choice of many Ethiopian celebrities.

“How much time and money to do someone’s makeup?” asks the radio host.

Marzel says it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour. The price starts from 500 Birr and can extend to 5000 Birr. Marzel explains that prices change based on the season.

Ethiopia’s Premier Makeup Artist, Marzel, Speaks to Ethiopikalink.

Among her regular customers is Amleset Muchie. Others are Helen Berhe, Hanan, Sanait and Eden Gebreselassie.

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