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EthiopikaLink Moment of Truth

Fryat Yemane is the Guest on this episode of EthiopikaLink ‘Moment of Truth’.

Fryat spent her birthday last week at Gishen Mariam.  The arduous religious journey involved her walking six-hour by foot. Fryat was born in Gondar and her parents are from Shire and Tembe in Tigray.

Fryat has done six movies to date. She is a businesswoman who owns a restaurant in Bole Medhanealem. Currently she is still testing the market and the restaurant does not have a name. She tells EthiopikaLink hosts that she is working on many other undisclosed projects. Fryat has foreign and national foods at her restaurant. Sesen, mother helps her out in the weekend and her Shiro is much appreciated by Fryat Yemane’s customers.

Friyat on EBS on Sunday’s with Asfaw Meshesha

She is on EBS with Asfaw Meshesha on a new Sunday With EBS program. “I believe in trying new things and that you get better over time,” she says on the show. Some of her audience feedback is that she is a bit shy, but she was taken by surprise by that.

Fryat Just closed a deal for a new movie

After liking the character in a story, she decided to make a movie. She will have to go to Shakiso where the film will be produced. At the moment, she is studying the Oromia language to prepare for the film.

Friyat  Speaks About Being a Tourism Ambassador

She is active in promoting the Ashenda festival and increasing the world wide recognition of this ceremony.

Friyat  Yemane has her own page on facebook but she has noticed a lot of fake accounts on Facebook. Some of the fake accounts have a greater following than her.

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