Haile Gebreselassie Irked Over Fake Facebook Page

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Haile Puts out an Ad on Ethiopian Reporter Saying He has No Facebook

Recently, he has released a photo and an announcement stating that he does not have a Facebook page. Seifu says that that the Facebook fan page experienced a surge in likes after the ad went out.

Haile Gebrselassie tells Seifu that he went all the way to Facebook with the help of Adidas. “The Ethiopian government might be able to make him stop,” he added

“Do you believe that Facebook should be stopped?” asks Seifu

In answering Haile said the following:

“Facebook is technology we ought to use it. It has done a lot of good. It is the misuse that I am against. They have given it to us to use it. It is a shame for us if we do not use it appropriately.”

Haile’s Business Projects

Haile is building three hotels in Arba Minch, Adama and in Addis Ababa, a place called Korebtama.

“Foreign companies are coming to Ethiopia. We need to create something for ourselves. Bekle Mola started before a lot of large hotel industries like Sheraton and others. We should improve approach, upgrade, and follow his leadership,” he said.

His businesses now employ over 2000 people.

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