Hamelmal Abate speaks about AFRIMA Award 2017

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All Africa Music Award (AFRIMA) is the biggest music award which gives recognition for African music in the world. The 4th Annual AFRIMA music award was held from November 9-12by the host country Nigeria, Legos.


The stage was led by the Famous Senegalese singer Akon.There were five nominees from Ethiopian and Hamelmal Abate was one of them. The queen of Ethiopian music Hamelmal Abate,was born in Harar and grew up in Asebe Tferi.


She starts her music career by singing in Church. She releases her first album in 1976. So far, she has around 9 music albums. Her unbelievable voice and everlasting music are unforgettable in many Ethiopians.


Hamelmal has two kids but not a husband. Once when she was asked if she is scared of marriage she said, ‘marriage is nothing to be afraid of it’s just God’s gift and whenever he is ready to give me one I am ready to accept’.


Her eldest daughter Makeda is so genius student. when she was learning at America Panama University, she gets Certification paper from three of former American presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barak Obama.

Hamelmal  wins the award for best female Artist in Africa on traditional music. She explains that she wasn’t expecting that and she was so shocked to hear her name called. On her Speech, she tanks her God, Daughters, those who helped her, and every Ethiopian people who voted for her and she also says that the award is for all  Ethiopians.


Now Hamelmal has her own music production company and also, she owns a construction business.

She loves Gosaye Tesfaye and Muluken Melese’s music.

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