Harar Woman Shares Secret Hair oil for Long Healthy Hair

Harar Woman Displays Organic Recipe For Healthy Rich Hair

Young Ethiopian Harari woman presents an organic hair recipe. She invites us into a splendid kitchen to learn how to prepare a special hair oil that will regenerate hair, make it attractive and luscious and rid you of dandruff and itching. The Amharic presentation involves step by step guide for cooking the recipe and later the Harari woman demonstrates how to apply the hair growth recipe.

Black cumin (Tikur Azmud ) is a base for many hair oils on the market. This enriches hair and prevents hair loss. Fenugreek, a widely used item in many food and drink items.

Cinnamon is used in tea and also has used for increases blood circulation in the scalp, according to the Harari presenter. Extra virgin olive oil, the last item in the recipe, is very useful. There is a canned oil that is sold in pharmacies in Ethiopia and that can be used as a replacement she says

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