Jossy “Min Addis?” interview with Artist Sami Dan

He is a rising African rage star, he released his first album in 2016 it was full reggae music tracks and everybody was in love with his album, Today’s min Addis guest Samuel Birhanu. He was a nominee for Leza award and has won many awards for his album ‘Keras Gar Nigigr’, album of the year and best new artist by people’s choice.


His album arrangement was done by Andualem (Andy beteZema) and Blue Media. Even though he stars music in high school, he manages to get his Degree from Addis Ababa University in Construction technology management. He also starts his own band named Zewd acoustic. He also participates in the biggest world music festival Rototom Sunsplash.

Now he’s in Min Addis for his new single ‘Hayal’. This song is a little bit different from the music genre he used to do which is a rage bit. This song is more like afrobeat style and people are loving it. The mastering of the song was done in America by Sound Bethel.


When Jossy tells him that there is a rumor about  him  getting married he  said that ‘actually I have a girl that I really love we have been living together for ten years. It obvious that we will get married one day but I will let you know when the time comes’


Sami Dan is also going to participate in Sauti za Busara (sounds of wisdom) festival which brings people together to celebrate African music. This big festival happen is every February hosting by Zanzibar. This festival includes every African music genre and many of different famous, young and new artists.


He is also finishing up his second album, according to him, the mastering will be done in America or Jamaica. Most of the melody and the lyrics are his own work. What makes it different from his previous album is that he tried to make the production big and many artists are participating in it. He is planning to release it on January 2018.

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