Journalist Fanuel Kinfu Wrote an Open Letter to Visit Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi

An Ethiopian, Ahadu FM 94.3 Milketa program host and journalist Fanuel kinfu has confirm writing a letter requesting a permit to visit Sheik Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi.

The message is written to King Salman Bin Abdulazizi, King and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Fanuel, speaking to our reporter said that he decided to write the letter in order to find out the condition and wellbeing of Sheik Mohammed and report the same to the Ethiopian people.

Fanuel said in asserting his close intention, from all the contribution Sheik Mohammed made for Ethiopia and its people, it is his belief that, Ethiopians would want to know about the present condition of Sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amuodi.

Fanuel’s hope is high in getting the permission for the open letter he wrote.

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi is a Saudi business leader and one of the world’s leading businessmen and philanthropists.

Although he has interests across the world, notably in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, he has shown a particular commitment to Saudi Arabia (of which he is a citizen), to Sweden and to Ethiopia.

Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi has been arrested along with around 48 other prominent officials and members of the royal family in Saudi Arabia, 11 princes including prince Al Waleed Bin Talal, businessmen, senior military officials, and top officials holding them in a luxury hotel in the capital, for allegations of “corruption.”

In 2015, Forbes listed him as both the world’s second wealthiest black billionaire and as the second wealthiest Saudi. This website is an introduction to him – his business interests, internationalism and approach to philanthropy.

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