Nebiat Getachew Replaces Melese Alem as Spokesperson

Nebiat Getachew, a career diplomat with “several years of professional diplomatic experience”, has appointed as spokesperson of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If the report is confirmed the Nebeyat will take the new position replacing the outgoing spokesperson Melese Alem, who has served for years in the position.

Melese Alem thas recently been appointed as Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Nairobi, Kenya.

Prior to his appointment Nebyat was the Director General for North America, South America, and the Caribbean, according to Addis Standard.

The newly appointed spokesperson gave a presser today on various issues and he announced that culture day will be celebrated tomorrow in African Union.

Visiting program for Ambassadors of African nations is also scheduled as part of the celebration, he noted.

Meles also disclosed to the media about the scheduled meeting that will take place at the MFA next week Monday (January 14) with Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to discuss with the leadership of the Ministry, Direct Generals, all Ambassadors and Diplomats about the ongoing reform, the recent fruitful diplomatic achievements of Ethiopia since the premiership of Dr. Abiy, progresses and challenges in responding to contemporary regional & international issues of national interest, enhancing our economic diplomacy venture, as well as diaspora engagement in national dialogue.

Meles also stressed that this week-long panel discussion with Direct Generals, all Ambassadors and Diplomats will be opened by Foreign Minister H.E. Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu. He further underpinned international relations experts, senior diplomats and Ambassadors will be attending the panel discussion.

Meles extended an invitation to the media about the Culture Day event to be celebrated tomorrow at Entoto museum (January 11) aiming to promote Ethiopia’s rich natural, cultural and historical attractions to the diplomatic community in Addis. The event will take place at Entoto Museum in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and tourism.

He added, “This event will make Ethiopia’s endless wealth of culture echo across the globe.”

On a final note, Meles ushered words of immense gratitude to all his fellow colleagues as well as local and international media outlets for making his 2 years stint as Spokesperson of MFA a success.

He said, “ I thank you for the priceless and memorable time.”

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