Neway Debebe Ordered to Return Loan in Court

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Neway Debebe’s day in court discussed by Ethiopian radio show that routinely shares details of celebrities and prominent people’s lives. Wust Awakey hosts explain the details of why Neway Debebe has to pay a huge fine after losing in a court decision.

Ephrem Ermias, the plaintiff, accused Neway Debebe of not returning a sum of money that he had lent him.

The sum amounting to $20,000 USD led charges to against the artist three years ago. The case was observed in the Ethiopian Federal High Court.

After hearing both sides of the story and subsequent arguments the court came to a decision. At the time, the court decided that Neway Debebe had not received the 20k as a loan but rather as an advance payment and judged in his favor.

Ephrem Ermias carried his case to another court. The appeal was reviewed and the decision was reversed. Hidar 3, 2008, about two years ago the decision was made that Neway Debebe had to return around 400,000 birr and associated lawyer and other expenses.

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