Pastor Extends Group Prayer Challenge To Memehir Girma

In this video

Pastor of the Protestant persuasion sends a message to a popular Ethiopian religious, known as Memehir Girma.  The Protestant in this video is asking for a publicized prayer session in which he and Memehir Girma and/or other religious teachers also if possible engage in devotions.

In the beginning of this video on, the pastor explains his reservations and disagreement with the so-called healing activities of the aforementioned religious teacher.

Memehir Girma as many followers on youtube in which the religious teacher ‘casts out demons’. Some find his way of bringing people to God controversial. He closely interviews individuals young who explain how they are under the hold of evil. The Protestant in this video is strongly against these practices and states that he believes that the Memhehir (religious teacher in Amharic) is misrepresenting the teachings of the Gospel and leading himself and other people astray.

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