Somali Region Parliament Removed Immunity for 12 Members

Somali regional state council passed a decision to lift immunity from prosecution rights of twelve members of Somali Regional State Councils, Fana Broadcasting Reports today.

According to the report, the regional council has passed the decision today to lift immunities of previous high ranking regional officials who are currently living in the region and some abroad.

Among them include:

1. Mrs Suat Mohamded -former deputy chief administrator of the regional state

2. Ahmed Abdi- former head of finance bureau

3. Mrs Ferhan Abdi – former head of water development bureau

4. Mrs Mujib Mohammed – former head of civil service bureau

5. Abdi Mohammed – former head of livestock affairs bureau

6. Heber Abdi- former head of trade and industry bureau

The Council lifted their immunity on suspicion of corruption and participating in the violence occurred in the region state in the past.

Weeks a ago, 47 people from Somali regional state including the former regional president were charged with alleged involvement in robbery and mass killings.

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