Teenager found guilty of raping his Mother – Shocking News

A child being abused by their families or by their relatives is not a new thing. Child abuse may include any act or failure to act by a parent or other caregiver that results in actual or potential harm to a child.
Children who were victims of such things become abuser when they grow up. Because that what they know and learn from their caregivers.

This is a true story happened in here Addis Ababa. There was this woman with one son and she was very poor. By that time, she wasn’t able to provide in need of her son. Even her motherly love doesn’t want to let go of her son but she wants the best for him and gave him to her sister who was able to grow him up in comfort.

So, the boy starts to live with his aunt. And his aunt grows him up in comfort but in an odd way. when she washes his body she touches his reproductive organ, kisses it, She teaches him how to make out even how to make love. by the time of his 12-14 age, he starts sleeping with his own aunt. By the age of 18, he becomes his aunt sex mate.

After all this time his mother gets money that will make her able to take care of her son. So, she brings him to her. Life with his mother wasn’t that nice four him because he used to get something from his aunt that he is not getting from his mother now. Yes, he and his aunt used to have sex whenever they want to and he became addicted to that.
Now, he wanted to sleep with his mother like he used to do with his aunt. But it’s obvious his mother won’t allow him.

Once when he was in the house with his mother, he planned to drug his mother and to have sex with her, while she was making coffee ceremony he put something in the fire and the smoke makes his mother unconscious, then he did what he wanted to do for long.

After three months his mother gets sick and she went to a hospital. But what she hears from the doctors that she couldn’t believe, they told her that she is pregnant. She couldn’t believe because she is a single mother. She takes the test again and again but no change.

With the help of a psychiatrist, the woman starts to remember and she can’t accept the fact that she was raped by her own son and become pregnant. Now the woman is in medical care and her son is in prison for what he did.

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