Terror convict who helped would-be bomber escape

Convicted Mulumebet Girma was given a top job at London’s Southwark Council After Serving her Sentence

This Amharic news broadcast on Diretube.info covers the breaking story of Mulumebet Girma. The Ethiopian woman is currently receiving large coverage on mainstream media like BBC after getting sacked from a UK government job.

Back in 2005, she was sentenced for, 10 years for assisting Hussain Osman, escape after a failed terror attack in the UK. At the time she was 24. Recent media coverage reports that she was sacked from her job in connection with her past.

According to international media reports, the failed terror bomber is the husband of Mulumebet Girma’s sister Yeshi Girma. Yeshi Girma received a 15-year sentence alongside her sister.

Terror convict who helped would-be bomber escape

After her release from five years in prison, Mulumebet Girma joined the government body known as London’s Southwark. She gained promotions in this council, reaching what The Sun reports as a ‘top council job’.

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