Tigray People Should not be Disturbed by the Military Withdraw form Border: Debretsion

Tigray people should not be disturbed by the military movements from border areas in the region and focuses on developments, said Debretsion Gebremichael, President of Tigray Region.

The movement of the army from place to place is legal and necessary to
carry out its legal responsibilities, he said a press conferences today.

Therefore, people of the region should aware and stably continue its regular life, he calls the public to remain calm.

People of Tigray were demanding the respect of the constitution, and it should also be respected in the region too, said Debretsion.

Debretsion further said the opening of the border crossing between Ethiopia and Eritrea is vital for the two nations.

He added that the road would be a significant contributor to the development of the nation’s relationship with the nation.

Last week, the Ethiopian Military was stopped from leaving the Ethio-Eritrean border area.

Prime minister Abiy spoke about it on the discussion with teachers from all over the country He told the teachers that the federal government has absolute power to move the military wherever it wants to.

Prime minister Abiy told the teachers that the military used to crush the ‘Qeerroos’ to clear its path. He added that the army didn’t want to repeat the same thing. Instead, it chose to talk to the public and convince them. However, the Tigrayan public doesn’t seem convinced.

Yesterday, youth blocking heavy military vehicles from leaving the region. The vehicles are literary taken from their way and imprisoned at a stadium.

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