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Not being able to sleep is a big problem for many. Insomnia is the medical condition when you are not able to get sufficient sleep. This is a cause of lots of problems for many Ethiopians. This #Mela episode addresses the problem of not getting healthy beauty rest. #Mela tells us that not being able to work effectively is one of the bad outcomes of lack of sleep. Others are becoming irritable and excessively tired during the day.

Acute insomnia is when you only fail to rest for a number of days. At most acute insomnia lasts up to a week. This leads to fatigue throughout the day, tiredness, and irritability.

What leads to insomnia or lack of sleep? #Mela in this episode gives  the following reasons:


  • Stress,
  • Mental health disorder
  • Not having a quiet sleeping area
  • Consuming tea and coffee or other stimulants


#Mela true to its name provides a way to solve the problem.


The Cumin seed is the first solution. Cumin aids in the digestive process. It is also useful for asthma, cancer, diabetes and other major disorders.

Cumin can also the process of solving your sleep problems. It is considered an organic aid in addition to medical attention when the problem is chronic.


Nutmeg has potassium, calcium, and others. It is good for good clear skin, blood circulation and others. In addition, nutmeg is also good for insomnia or lack of sleep.

Take a ½ spoon of nutmeg with a glass of water.


Chamomilla Tea


Chamomilla tea aids to create a relaxed body and a sharp mind. In Ethiopia chamomilla it given to babies when they have stomach aches. This amazing tea can help with insomnia

Researchers say that chamomilla has chemical elements which are very useful in combatting insomnia. The preparation is really easy. Add cinnamon and honey to chamomilla  and you may sleep well all night


Bananas are also helpful due to tryptophane.

This helps produce chemicals in our bodies that aid the process of sleep.

In addition, bananas have iron, calcium, and potassium. Bananas are considered a healthy choice for preventing many other ailments


Green Tea

Green Tea is another useful solution for sleep problems.

It also has numerous benefits.

Green tea assists many of the problems that come with old age.

Before sleeping try out the simple body exercises illustrated in this video.

Watch this #Mela episode on to learn a number of easy to do exercises which help you sleep.

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