Egypt singer faces trial for ‘provocative’ Nile remarks

Sherine Abdel-Wahab in Hot Water Over A Her Joke At Sharjah Concert

A famous singer is in trouble with the law because of her lyrics about the Nile. The hosts of WuzWuz Addis examine the case of Sherine Abdel-Wahab’s recent controversy.

To begin with, the Egyptian singer, TV host and actress is widely popular in the Arab world. She recently made a joke that later backed fired.

Apparently, a man attending the concern asked her “Have you ever drank from the Nile?” and she jokingly answered that she had not and that doing so can cause a sickness normally known as bilharzia.

This water-borne infection’s scientific name is schistosomiasis and is a result of parasitic worms. “Have you ever drank from the Nile?” is also a song by Shereine Abdel-Wahab. Next, the reaction at the concert rippled into major repercussions for the unlucky Shereine.

Chiefly, she is accused of defaming the Egyptian government and people.Now, her songs are now banned from Egyptian radio and tv and the public outcry is only getting worse.

Not to mention, Egyptian news media reports that the Egyptian Musicians syndicate taking up the case against her in the country’s courts.

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