Yirdaw Tenaw Talks About Abebe Melese’s Allegation

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Yirdaw Tenaw Apologizes to Abebe Melese
Wuzwuz Addis radio program covers a followup to Abebe Melesse’s allegations against Yirdaw Tenaw and Enoch Negash. The core dispute is a popular Tewdros Tadesse song “Befikrish Leben Woded Woded” (Love, Love My Heart). Abebe Melesse told has previously stated that Yirdaw Tenaw asked him for permission to sing this song. Abebe Melesse bluntly refused to grant him any such consent. Significantly, according to him, Yirdaw just went ahead and started singing the love song anyway. In this radio program, Yirdaw Tenaw tells his us his side of the things.

Yirdaw Explains How Song Was Released on Whatsapp and Youtube
Yirdaw Tenaw begins by saying he was a little hurt that he didn’t get a chance to tell his own side. He then says that during training he loved this song, Befikirish and even sings it in his sleep. He sang it on Whatsapp only as in passing, and then Enoch Negash mistakenly uploaded it to Youtube. Yirdaw is certain it wasn’t out of malice that Yirdaw did this. “As soon as I heard, I asked him to delete it,” he said. Yirdaw Tenaw said that he talked it over with Abe. “Abe is the sort of person, I respect so much, I would apologize to him even if I was right,” says Yirdaw. He then publicly apologized to him. In an interesting twist, the radio hosts tell us that Abebe Melesse loves Yirdaw’s rendition of his song.

In short, Yirdaw claims it is only as a rehearsal that this was filmed. “Yirdaw is a great vocalist, he is among those we refer to as antu,” says one of the hosts. Antu is a term of endearment reserved for the elderly or prominent in Ethiopian culture. In addition, the hosts mention an argument that Yirdaw makes. If he had intended to plagiarize the song, which he does not, wouldn’t he have released it officially instead of on Whatsapp or on Youtube?

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