Zadig Abreha Top TPLF Executive Member Tendered Resignation

Zadig Abreha, one of the top  Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) executive member has submitted a letter of resignation Ethiopian Broadcasting corporate reports.

According to the report Zadig has mentioned two cases to his resignation.

When mentioning his reason for his resignation, Zadig says TPLF is not leading the democratic change property and even it opposes it at a time.

The other reason for his resignation is that TPLF is resorting to forceful measure to against the identity question of the people of Raya to be with “its brotherly people of Amhara,” reported EBC.

In recent times tension between Amhara and Tigray regional states create conflict in bordering areas following identity issues in Raya and Wolkait areas.

His resignation has yet to be accepted by TPLF.

Zadig who was born and raised in rural hometown, Alemata, has served as deputy general director of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and head of the Justice and Legal System Research Institute.

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