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Ethiopian B787-8 at Addis engine shut down in flight

Incident: Ethiopian B787-8 at Addis Ababa on Aug 7th, 2018, engine shut down in flight By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Aug 10th 2018 21:44Z, last updated Friday, Aug 10th 2018 21:44Z An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-800, registration ET-AOR performing flight ET-638 from Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) to Singapore (Singapore), was climbing out of Addis Ababa's runway 25L when the crew stopped the climb at 15,000 feet due to the failure of an engine (GEnx). The aircraft returned to Addis Ababa for a safe landing on runway…

40 Gunmen Apprehended in Mekele’s Alula Aba Nega Airport After Arriving in An Antonov Airplane

DireTube  In a very unexpected turn of events, security officials in the Northern Ethiopian city of Mekele were baffled by the sudden arrival of unidentified gunmen at their airport. Sources disclosed to media that a large Antonov aircraft landed in Alula Aba Nega Airport and upon inspection revealed the presence of armed men. Recent media reports reveal that all of these men are  Ethiopian nationals. Notably, the Antonov plane reportedly crossed into Ethiopia from Sudan. Tigray Regional officials disclosed to media that…

Ethiopian Express their Anger Over the Death of Simegew Bekele

The pain is of the death of Simegnew Bekele, a chief Engineer of flagship electricity project (GRED), still very fresh for Many Ethiopian. Angry youth in Addis Ababa thronged the streets and demonstrated near Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, yesterday. Residents in Gonder town marched the street to as justice for Simegnew Bekele and urged police to find out what is behind his death. According to sources from Gonder, yesterday, a public transport bus was being burned out by angry youth in the downtown of the city.…

TPLF to make EFFORT Shares Available to Public

Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) has announced that the party has a plan to make shares of the EFFORT, endowment fund for rehabilitation of Tigray available for the public. The party has decided to pass some shares of the EFFORT, a group of companies to the public, Debretsion G. Michael (PhD), deputy President of Tigray region, told state media. However, No date of commencement or any other details were disclosed. EFFORT which is assorted of multi-billion Dollar worth business firms consist of major…

The Two Ethiopian Synods Agree to Unite

The two synods of Ethiopian Orthodox Church agreed to end the long animosity and join to work together. According to sources the two parties have agreed to unite and form one synod and work the church together. The move is following the negotiation between the local and exiled Synods which bases in the US. A week before Ethiopian Orthodox Church has dispatched a team of three archbishops to the United States of America and the two parties were hold talks yesterday and reached in agreement. Some say the union is…

U.S. Announces $170 Million in Humanitarian Assistance to Displaced People in Ethiopia

Today the United States announced an additional $170 million in humanitarian assistance to support the people of Ethiopia, many of whom have been pushed from their homes by escalating conflict or natural disaster and who are facing severe food insecurity as a result. With this new funding, the United States is providing emergency food and nutrition assistance, as well as life-saving medical care, safe drinking water, and improved sanitation and hygiene programs to treat and stop the spread of preventable diseases for…

Mekele to Host Mass Rally in Support of Peace Ethiopia and Eritrea

Mekele to host a mass rally on Saturday, July 28, 2018, in support of the recent peace development between Ethiopia and Eritrea. All the necessary preparation is done for the rally which is permitted by the city Administration, the organizers who initiate the demonstration, announced, on the press briefing held yesterday. The aim of the rally is to create public support to the peace and reconciliation of the two neighboring countries, said Estifanos Kebede, one of the organizers. In addition, it is also to Urge the…
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