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Custom Commission to Establish in Weeks Time

Customs Commission, one of the new organization, is set to established in two weeks time and will be functional, said Adanech Abebe, one of the newly appointed Minister of Revenu. There is still a gap between the finance which the government needs to fund developments and tax collections. Weeks ago the House of Peoples ‘Representatives and Customs Authority decided that to organize a new commission responsible for collecting the tax, which runs the under Ministry of Revenu. The establishment of the commission will

Macron Announced He Will Visit Ethiopia in March

Emmanuel Macron, president of France, announced that he would visit Ethiopia in the coming March. The visit his following the invitation form Anbiy Ahmed, prime minister of Ethiopia, who is in his first trip to Europe since taking office in April. Prime Minister Abiy has invited him to see Ethiopia during their discussion. In a press briefing held After their discussion, Macron announced that he would travel to Ethiopia in the coming March. Abiy Ahmed in his part also said that they have agreed to discuss

A family of Four Dies of Electric Shock in Dilla Town

A family of five died of electric shock in Dilla town Southern regional state last Saturday around 11 pm Fana reports, citing Petros Zeleke, town police officer. Lives of a mother, two daughters, and a son are lost due to the electric accident happened in the place called Mola Golja. Whereas another family member who was sheltered together is critically injured and taken the nearby Dilla hospital for medical treatment. According to police, the accident occurred when they were collecting clothing from the drying

Tigray Region University Students Held a Demonstration in Mekele

Tigray Regional State University students held a demonstration Saturday, October 28, 2018, in Mekele, the region’s capital. The students who attended the demonstration which is organized by the ‘Baladera’ Civil Society asked to be assigned to a local university in their region. The students say that we shouldn’t go to attend school in other Universities outside of Tigray regional state, in the presence of ethnic-based attack and insecurity. Therefore, they have called for the government to be assigned to

Police Seized Illegal Weapons in Oil Truck in Amhara Region

Police recovered illegal weapons transporting to Ethiopia in an oil tanker truck that fell of over in Gendawuha town of Amhara regional states. Media reports show that police have seized about 98 AK 47 and 294 Turkey made handgun transported from Sudan through the borders with Amhara regional state. The local authorities in the town reportedly discovered the tanker of the truck was loaded with illegal arms, when it was trying to avoid to hit a goat, according to reports from AMMA. After all that happens, the driver

Much Delayed Ribb Irrigation Dam Project to Inaugurate

The much-delayed Ribb Dam, a 4 billion birr irrigation dam project, in South Gonder Zone, Amhara Regional State, will finally be inaugurated tomorrow, Fana broadcasting reports. With a height of 53. 5 meters and length of 800 meters, Ribb Dam stretched between Farta and Ebinat District, with a total storage capacity of 234 million cubic meters and expected to irrigate over 20,000 hectares of farmland. The construction of the dam will enable growers to produce three times a year. The Ethiopian Construction Works

Two Tigray Opposition Groups Announce Possible Merger

The two opposition groups, Arena Tigray for Democracy and Sovereignty and Tigray Democratic Coalition Party (TAND), headed by Aregay Berhe, the founding member of TPLF, to come together to form a merger. The parties have signed an agreement which allows them to form a merger, yesterday in Addis Ababa, according to Amedom Gebresilase, head of Arena Tigray for Democracy and Sovereignty. The agreement is signed between Goitom Tsegaye, deputy chair of Arena and Gidey Zeratsion deputy chairperson of TAND. According to
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