Welafen Drama Season 4 Part 26 – Ethiopian Drama

 The well-received Welafen Drama is on its 26th episode. The tv series is at a high point with revenge, kidnapping, corporate politics all contributing to the dramatic tension.

In this episode of Welafen, Meseret promises revenge on her old lover Yared (Bahrain Kedir), whom she still has strong feelings for him. “I quit my school for you. It was for you that I got pregnant. Now I can’t have children because of you” she says. 

I can’t have babies because of you.” She says. Her ex-lover explains himself. She later admits that she left school because of an affair with a lecturer but still blames him for the event.

Yared, a lead character in Welafen and is currently involved in a relationship with his co-worker (Melat Nebeyu). The two strive to maintain balance as they engage in complex intrigues at work.

Welafen: Dramatic Tale of Love Revenge and Crime

Significantly, Meseret admits that she was very jealous in the relationship.  Her ex-lover thinks that is what ruined their relationships.

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The character played by Dawit Abate and the team is in full gangster mode. All in all, they take part in kidnapping and assault and are driving around looking to cause more mayhem.In fact, they are moving around in a van with the kidnapped victim in the back. A man carries a baby into a Lada taxi as they look on in the dark. He figures out he is being followed and begins attempting to shake them off. 

Robel, Elias Wosenyeleh’s character was the victim of a cyber scam in the previous episode. and talking with the police.

Notably, he is being investigated and his old girlfriend (Azeb Wondosen) professes her everlasting love for him, in this and previous episodes. She regrets her actions in the past and wants to make it up to him. 

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