Dana Ethiopian Series Drama Latest Season 5 Episode 6


Dana Episode 6 Moves Forward at a Fast Pace

In the last episode, Mickey’s partner told him she wanted to know everything about the new nightclub. Business is good, but Mickey is in for a big surprise in this Dana Season 5 episode. This is a hugely popular Ethiopia tv series.



Sami, a manager, at the nightclub tells Mickey that young people love the upscale club and that he will soon be able to construct a new building.

Alem and Dagne are in the hospital. Dagne lies on the hospital bed and tells her that he is content with his children. They look back on their past love affair. Since then she has also had children.

Mickey’s brother is madly in love with Yordanos. Against Mickey’s firm advise to just leave her alone, he wants to continue pursuing her. Yordanos is close friends with Mickey, the nightclub owner.

Dana Season 5 Part 6 Other Developments

Dr. Yohannes Yirga is in hot water. Dr. Yordanos has accused him of sexual harassment. He confronts her. She is sitting at her office as he readers he the letter he has just received. She says that she wants him to back off. He denies the allegation while also asserting that he is in love with her.

Alem and Dagne Look Back on Old Romance

Alem and Dagne recollect about their old romance. “Do you know is where I am now?

That old menafesha (park) that we used to hang out in,” Alem tells Dagne.

“Do you remember. If you said no I would not believe. I would sell everything I have to get those times back,” she continues. She reminds him of the tree where they wrote each other’s names. The tree has been cut down, and the audience observes a close up of the remaining stump

“We were burning with love when we wrote our names on the trees,” she says. Dagne is seating inside the Blue Bird hotel (a real establishment in Addis Ababa).  However, he is reserved, he says ciao twice and hangs up on her.

Sami is confronted by Mickey about the illicit drug sales inside his club. Mickey flips on him. He kicks him out in the end. Sami, in turn, calls Hanna and is very angry with her for snitching on him and his friends. He tells her Mickey is going to get a visit from Tame. Tame is possibly one of the five leaders of the drug network that has over a thousand members.

Journalist Begins Investigating Diaspora Drug Ring

In the middle of this episode of Dana, a journalist sits in a restaurant, and his girlfriend arrives late. He has just wrapped up an investigative report that resulted in the arrest of some of Addis Ababa’s major loan sharkers.

Now he is working on the activities of a certain drug-dealing ring. It is quite likely that he is investigating the same ring that is operating in Mickey’s nightclub.

It seems the coming episode’s of Dana will reveal more about this drug network as it takes a central stage in the plot structure. 

His girl is very blase about all of this when he tells her. To her drugs use is no big deal. He becomes suspicious and questions her. She grows frustrated quickly and asks him to lay off.

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