Ethiopian Top Celebrities Compete in this Funny Holiday Games

Libamochu is a TV program in L TV. For the celebration of Ethiopian new year has invited three Ethiopian celebrities and nine invited guests.

The celebrities, Artist Hanna, artist Zelalem and artist Fekadu has each selected three guests to be in their group.

After they format their groups the first competition was a puzzle. The contestant has to fit the overhanging bulb as you see it in the video. winning this game correctly earns 3 points.

So, they get the packed puzzle and tries to fix it as they see the finished lamb that’s on the ground. They were coming and going to check, big upping their own group and traying to finish first.  The first winners who got the green card and the three points were Hanna’s group.

Fekadu’s group finishes second and Zelalem was last. But he was complaining that something was missing from the puzzle.

Artist Hanna said ‘while we are t trying to fix the lamb we miss one screw it took as some time to find it. If we wouldn’t lose it in the first place we might finish even earlier.

The second-round game was also puzzling. But this time it was the logo of L Tv. The contestant

has to create the exact sign of the L TV logo as they see it gets them to earn three points. The contestant was arguing that some things are missing but the host told them there is nothing missing.

Finally, with many trying Zelalem’s teams has won first and gets their three points. It was very difficult to differ who is second and third but with the help of the air camera Fikadu’s team has won in the second place and Hanna was last.

Fikadu said “the logo seems very easy to fix but when we start doing them it becomes so difficult I even check out my T-shirt to see the logo clearly. But finally, we managed to be in the second place.”

Now each team has four points. The third game is to find six differences from two pictures which looks like the same but has nine different. The first team who pointed out six differences will be the winner. Zelalem’s Team has also won.


With the total Five rounds of this and such kinds of funny game, Zelalem’s team won in the first place in thirteen points and has won 50,000 Ethiopian birr.

They all wish everybody to have Happy Holidays.