Former First Lady Azeb Mesfin Speaks about resisting Leaving the Palace


Rumor has it that Former First Lady Azeb Mesfin has refused to leave the national palace. So journalist Mimi Sibhatu has talked to her about this and other issues.

‘I feel so pity for you that your name has been mentioned in such kinds of rubbish talk. For the situation you are at now I know how much this could hurt you but, people are saying that you refuse to leave the palace. So, what do you say about these rumors?’ said, Mimi, when she starts the conversation.


The former lady replied “I didn’t say I won’t leave the residence it’s a big lie. Though I know who starts talking this I just don’t want to mention their names. So, No home prepared to move on to, actually, they have shown me one residence of some rich guy but I didn’t want to move there.

I have to find places to stay with my kid I really would love to thanks, Ato Muktar he is the one who left his house for me so I and my kids can move on.

We know the Ethiopian National palace is not our home even my children know that it’s the property of the people we lived there for work purpose. Knowing all this there is no way that I wouldn’t disdain.”

When the journalist asks her about her husband the late Prime minister Meles Zenawi she said ‘Woizero Azeb Mesfin I know it hard for you it’s been five years since we lost our prime minister and that was very tragedy for everyone in Ethiopia.

But many audiences want to know even someone called and you heard him asking how was the prime minister health at that time because hearing his death was unexpected. So, was he sick?’


The former lady was emotional and respond ‘yes it has been five years since I lost my husband but for me, it’s not. I can’t answer this question please I will give my explanation when am ready.’

She was asked about her view the recent leadership of the government Mimi says EPRDF is well known as a government of the people but now after your husband you are working as an executive.


But the recent administration couldn’t handle the leadership well the public needs are not heard there is a problem in the administration office. How do you see this in general?’

Azeb estates ‘actually I know the government as a party. I am not in the leadership. But as general there should be strong evidence and it’s hard to judge as a government but as a party, there are some problems and we are working on solving them.

They made a wide discussion about corruption and such problems in the party watch the full video to know more information about the detail.

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