Innocent Wife spent 7 years in prison


Innocent Wife spent 7 years in prison after being wrongly convicted

May 1, 2001, E.C 3 PM at night in Awlamit village one of the house was on fire and there was screaming for help.

The local peoples were running to the place to help. They tried their best to save some peoples and the property but the fire was so hard they couldn’t.

As one of the old men who live around the place said ‘when we heard a shout for help and we went there but the fire was so hard we couldn’t do anything. We try to put out the fire with soil and we find two dead bodies.”

The fire killed three kids and all the property like cows’ goats and every domestic animal. The villagers were crying and trying to find the man of the house Mr. Takele but they couldn’t find him anywhere dead or alive.

The local people think that this is done by the housewife Woizero Sekeken Ameshe and they took her to the police. After the local police organized the investigation send it to Gojam high court.

Her husband has their kids with another woman. Her stepsons witnessed in the court that she killed their father and three step brothers and sister.

Then the court sentences her for twenty years in prison and sent her to BahrDar correctional place. But after seven years she gets out of prison because there was a rumor that her husband is alive.

She paid six thousand for her step sons and her husband’s family as soul compensation payment. But Woizero Sekeken couldn’t stop looking for her husband to prove her innocent to the society and for the local police. Finally, with the help of her brother, they found her husband in Oromia region Shahsa Ber village working as church guard.

After they bring him back to Gojam he confessed the crime that he did explaining that he had a fight with his wife at that day so he wanted to burn her in the house but she runs away so, he burned the house while the kids are in there.

Today the woman is very happy she said ‘I was the most hated woman in the village I can’t even go anywhere to do anything people were whispering that i am  the cruel woman who killed my own husband and kids.

After I went out from prison in elder reconciliation with my stepsons all I do was going to church and praying to god to judge me the almighty God didn’t let me down he show me the truth. Now I am happy they get what they deserve and the society asks me for my apology.”

Currently, the man and the false witnesses are in the court process.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ