Ethiopian Man killed his Mother


Emahoy Menalu Murdered By Her Son and His Wife

News anchorman in Ethiopian police uniform relates the tragic and hard to believe the case of a mother’s killing by her own son. Many are in deep sadness over this hard to believe crime. Hear it straight from the police investigation files as a law enforcement officer from the Western Gojjam reads it out. The killer says, “After she died, I was deeply disturbed. I didn’t know what to do. I decided to die, to kill myself. But my wife than calmed me down.” Another individual explains that the mother was buried in a bathroom for 3 years.


Murder Was Committed in Chefchef Degagamot Woreda, Gojam

The deceased Ehmaho ManluWube was believed to have gone to a monastery throughout the time of her death. Degagamot Woreda police began gathering information about her.

Police received a tip Ehamaho was buried in the bathroom. Next, the police suspected Abebe Fengaw, the deceased son. The area is called Lay Gideb. Police arrived on the scene and found the body of the dead woman. Abebe Fengaw was also apprehended as an accomplice to the murder. It is believed that Abebe Fengaw kicked his mother after accusing her of insulting his wife. He then hit her in the head with a Yegebeya Shimir (Amharic for a hard object, the first word means market).

Abebe Fengaw attacked his mother when after she decided to leave the house. Not surprisingly, he was depressed and wanted to kill himself after committing the murder. “The crime is done with calm down,” his wife told him.  The two eluded the law for 3 years and managed to continue their lives in relative normalcy. The police report shows the husband and wife burying the dead mother together. They burned her clothes. When anyone asked where Ehmaho went, they responded that she was in a nearby monastery.

The blockage in the 2-meter deep bathroom led to the suspicion that finally helped police get to the bottom of this vicious crime.

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