Meleket: Ethiopian Series Drama Latest Episode 86


Meleket Drama’s 86th Episode is filled with themes and issues relevant to life in Addis Ababa in the 21st century. At one point, this serious tv drama explores the massive resettlement of urban populations associated with the current construction boom.

In another section, a man discovers that his wife has a considerable amount of money in the bank and is flabbergasted as a result. Family life is explored in various household settings. The homes of people from various walks of life are presented.

Also, the proceedings of an Ethiopian court are presented as judges give a verdict in one part of this episode of Meleket.


A cultural musician an Azmari, entertains two upper-middle-aged men who are. The Azmari, who is a skilled rhymer takes his cue from a man who instructs him how to best thank and appreciate his friend next to him.

An old man in a mud hut talks to his woman and searches for someone that is lost. Interestingly, one section reveals a taxi terra, which is a space where transportation vehicles, mostly Toyota minivans coverage. The setting of the taxi terra is very realistic.

A man who has relocated his father to a nice house wants him to cut off ties with his old neighborhood. This is so that he can enjoy his new higher status of living. The father resents this strongly. He does not want to let go of the past and enjoys hanging out in the old dives and bars where he goes to drink.

Nevertheless, they come together to drink high-quality tej, as a family. “I have never tasted tej like this,” a woman says. The son has bought tej for him and encourages him to drink at home. He tells him to invite his friends sometimes and not go to the old neighborhood. He has also bought his father a car. “I would like it for you not to set foot in the old neighborhood,” he says.

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