Lij Micheal First Ethiopian to be Paid for Guest Appearance



Catch Club in Addis Ababa Pays for Lij Micheal Guest Appearance

Seifu hears, Lij Micheal, an Ethiopian celebrity entertainer got paid for a guest experience and calls a major music and events company head to find out more. 


He speaks with Eyob of Yisakal Entertainment who confirms the story and gives details about the guest appearance. Lij Michael made a guest appearance at Club Catch at the old Illusion club around Ambassador, explains Eyob. He explains that this is a very common occurrence around the world. Eyob gives an illustration of how even presidents are paid to make guest appearances or speak on various occasions.

The radio host recalls an experience in Atlanta when he saw the famous Nigerian-American, Akon, appear at a club, stay around for a while and receive payment for it. He thought this sort of thing was a long time away and is surprised at this new occurrence.

Growing Trend in Ethiopia According to Yisakal Entertainment head

The manager of Yisakal Entertainment organized the event with Lij Michael and says that this will trend of paying for celebrity guest appearances will continue in Ethiopia after this

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The club will gain a promotion benefit from the appearance of celebrity artists and it is a good investment explains Eyob. This is a strategy to create new business, he adds.

Yisakal Entertainment manages this popular artist and organized the deal, according to this interview. The entertainment firm is an established event management company in Ethiopia which has been involved in the Great Ethiopian Run, tech conferences and other major events over the past decades.

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Seifu Fantahun jokes about how earlier in the nightclub industry, famous musicians would even be refused entrance for not meeting the dress code.

Lij Michael an Ethiopian Hip-hop Star

Lij Micheal is a highly regarded musician admired for songs such as Arada Larada and Zaraye Yehun Nege. He is involved with Coke Studio Africa who recently released an article on their website about him.

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