Baye Tadesse Teferi has sought asylum in the US


Ethiopian Diplomat Seeks Aslyum

In this breaking news video, an Ethiopian government official has sought asylum in America. Baye Tadesse Tefferi is reported to have been part of the delegation led by Prime Minister at the 72nd regular session of the United Nations Assembly. Speaking with Solomon Kifle of Voice of America (VOA), Baye Tadesse Tefferi cites tensions related to last year’s unprecedented protests in Ethiopia as the reason behind his decision not to return to Ethiopia and to seek political asylum.

The VOA reports that Baye Tadesse Tefferi himself was interviewed to cite the reasons behind his decision.

The VOA report, adds that Baye Tadesse Tefferi was serving as head of protocol in the Prime Minister’s office prior to his recent politically influenced decision to seek asylum in America. Furthermore, he adds that a rift in government has led him to fear for his life where he to return to Ethiopia. Baye Tadesse told Voa that he has been in the government service for over two decades.

It is recalled that Prime Minister HaileMariam Desalegn, addressed the general debate of the 72nd Session of the General Assembly of the UN in New York City on September 22, 2017.


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On the VOA interview, the diplomat,  Baye Tadesse Tefferi, is quoted as saying “the reason I ended up doing this is the problem in government and my fear for my own security.”

Unprecedented anti-government protests occurred in Ethiopia last year resulting in a State of Emergency being imposed in October 2016.  

The protests resulted in thousands of arrests and more than 600 deaths

Defense Minister Siraj Fegessa is quoted as stating, earlier this year, on speaking on the topic, “We have been able to deal with armed terrorists, anti-peace elements, and troublemakers,” after which he continued to say that a security threat still exists

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