Betoch “Check Up” Ethiopian Series Drama Latest Episode 191


Ethiopia’s funniest tv sitcom is back again for its 190th episode. This family sitcom portrays the life of a middle-class Ethiopian family. Each character resonates with personalities that Ethiopians meet every day and this is perhaps, part of the reason its success.  Zeru Mola Haile is the head of a family which in every episode delivers fun and witty repertoire as they navigate their way towards a fulfilling life.

Betoch: “Check Up” Episode A Socially Responsible Agenda

This episode presents humor and the serious side of internet use. “People that have just begun to use the internet are all the same. They think they can dominate the world,”  says the son as he sits at a dinner table eating with his siblings. Zeru Mola is really excited about a new finding on the internet. “Unlike most people, I don’t use the internet to watch people’s photos,” he says. “I use it to discover new information.” True to his word, he has learned something new. When the children ask he tells them. Everyone has to get routine medical checkups. That is the theme of this episode. Through funny skits and witty dialogue Betoch carries forward a socially responsible agenda.


The dynamic between each family member exemplifies many of the tensions and social conditions of regular people. Zeru is conscious and is registered as a psychology student which he is very proud of. His son taunts him and sort of disqualifies his attempts to appear educated and knowledgeable. Zeru moves on from one situation to the next. He threatens to fire his guard. “Are you ok, haven’t your rested well,” the guard asks.  True to character Zeru discourages the guard from oversleeping as that can create an imbalance in his thinking. The guard claims that to the contrary it makes him healthy and strong. Zeru characteristically attributes his healthy look to being overfed on his account.

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