Las Vegas shooting survivor Meron Tadesse


Meron Tadesse Las Vegas Shooting Victim Interviewed on Hiber Radio


A special report by Hiber Radio covers the Las Vegas Shooting from the perspective of an Ethiopian cocktail server. In continuing, hosts tell us her name is Meron Tadesse and the Hiber Radio host tells us that she was on their show before to discuss certain charity activities. Also, Meron Tadesse was serving guests at the country concert where the shooting took place. She froze in fear and at first, she and other staff felt that these were firecrackers or some kind of prank.

Significantly, Meron tells the amazing story of how an Ethiopian Uber driver refused to take her away from the danger area. Hiber Radio and she discuss why this might happen. Gun control and how Meron dealt with the traumatic experience are also discussed on this interesting show.


People started running around and were advised to lie down. Meron tells the shocking story of how she started crying and how her friends and her responded.  “We did not know whether the shooting was from the building or the ground.” She saw security guards and police officers arrive.


Meron tells Hiber Radio about people were receiving them after they jumped a steep area and entered into the Tropicana hotel. In this almost 15 minute interview, Meron gives us a first-hand look inside the worst mass shooting in American history.

Ethiopian waitress Interviewed About Deadliest Mass Shooting in American History

Stephen  Paddock, an accountant in his 60s, started shooting at people inside the music festival shooting in Las Vegas. He killed 58 people and injured close to 500. Later dozens of weapons were found in his room. This interview reveals an Ethiopian woman’s perspective on the shocking incident. 


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Watch this interesting interview of Meron Tadesse about the Las Vega

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