Mogachoch: Ethiopian Series Drama Latest Episode 131


This episode continues the conflict that began in Mogachoch Episode 130. Bazezew is looming over Dr Kokeb (played by Mekdes Tesgaye) and Dr. Fanueil (Yayehyirad Mammo) as they are having a pleasant dinner at a restaurant.

He brazenly tells them that he has paid the bill. Dr. Fanuel is not happy with this arrangement, but his new love interest, Kokeb, calms him down. In the end, the two face off in an aggressive confrontation. Bazezew tells him that he is going to visit Dr. Kokeb to get his heart checked out. He leaves after challenging Faneuil and speaking in a charming manner to Kokeb.

In a countryside setting an older woman makes a plan to visit Addis Ababa. She is Dr. Yohannes mother and in previous episodes had rejoiced when he broke up with Kokeb. Now she wants to set him up with a country bumpkin and is making travel preparations for her and the bride-bride-to-be. It is recalled that Yohannes is still jealousy fixated Kokeb.


The following day Bazezew is inside Dr. Kokeb’s office getting a checkup. This is set at the real life Alert Medical Facility. He seems to relish being close to her while she appears oblivious to this. He tells her he will call her soon and leaves, even though she never gave him her number. In the previous episode he has told his friend that he intends to seduce her.

Tirsit (played by Selam Ashagre) is walking down a cobblestone street with her mother. She tells her that she declared her love to Tezera. She wonders if Tera is proud now that he knows her feelings, or whether he suspects she is in this for a green card. The mother decides, perhaps prematurely, to talk with him and to send elders to consummate the marriage. She is looking forward to visiting America soon, as Tezera resides there.

Young Letarik is in her room using her smartphone when Melkam, the housekeeper, walks in. Melkam scolds her and asks to her phone. Letarik is resistant at first but then tells her what she is up to. She has been in touch with her father. Melkam comforts her.

Selam, Dr. Yohannes nurse reports back to him about Fanuel and Kokeb love affair. “Ensu befikir tosh belwal (he is deeply in love)”, she tells him, as he looks on with great worry. She recounts her observations. He is very disturbed and later on in this episode confronts Dr. Fanuel in a very rash way.

Rahel Health in a Very Perlious Situation

Rahel condition has turned for the worst. Both of her kidneys in bad condition. Kokeb comes in to visit her but she refuses to talk to her and asks the doctors to kick her out. An Addis Ababa police officer comes in and takes her statement about the beating in prison but she faints before signing it.

Dr. Fanuel comes into Kokeb’s office and warns her about Bazezew but she does not seem too worried. Next, he invites her to dinner. “I’ve prepared 7 kinds of food so you can’t say no,” he says confidently.

Atlabachew is stuck inside the mud hut. He believes Dr. Fantahun is his newly hatched enemy.

Dagne’s son asks his father for money and this sends him into a rage. He brings up the last 50,000 birr which he had given him and slaps his son. The son holds his arm in self-defense when he tries to slap him again.

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Atlabatchew calls Dr. Fanuel and finds him at his home. He blatantly orders him to remove the wanted notice of him from his Facebook page. Dr. Fanuel, at first, mistakes him for Bazezew.