Welafen: Ethiopian Series Drama Latest Episode 31


Aliyu Film Production brings you yet another episode of the highly admired Welafen series. Now in Season 4. Watch this captivating Amharic tv series on Before this episode lead actors Helen Bedelu and Mekonnen Lakeh stand in a garden area inviting you, their audience to be part of the ‘Welafen family’ by subscribing to their Youtube channel.  

Police Criminals on the Run and Informants

As is customary, Welafen begins with a quick recap of the previous episode. Viewers are in the grip of suspense as the character played by Samir Ali confronts a woman in a car about informing to the police. In the following scene, a prisoner is about to be released from jail. Next, a character explains about INSA, the government information intelligence agency. Apparently, the culprit may not have been informed on by a human, to begin with. 



The character played by Mekonnen Lakh is drinking in a bar and talking with a friend. The next scene is a dark alley, where someone is about to be attacked from behind.


Welafen is directed by GebreHiwot GebreKristos. This suspense-filled crime thriller has a legal advisor and captures the gripping cop-robber drama of real life in a unique way.

The Welafen drama comprises of a stellar cast of Ethiopian actors and is exemplary in its plot development, cinematography, and overall planning. Its Season 4 series has a huge following and is a testament to the high-quality production. Part of a new breed of Ethiopian tv-series that are setting new norms.

Cast of  Welafen Season 4  Episode 31


    • Helen Bedelu
    • Mekonnen Lakeh
    • Adanech GebreMeskel
    • Elias Wosenyeleh
    • Mekonnen Lakeh
    • Azeb Wondwosen
    • Bayush Kebede A.K.A Mitu
    • Mekat Nebeyu
    • Marta Goytom
    • Bethlehem Kefyalew
    • Tomas Beyene
    • Negest Fekre
    • Sisay Bekele
    • Teshale Worku
    • Bahrain Kedir
    • Abebe Alemu
    • Samir Ali
    • Mike Eshete
    • Rahmet Muhammed
    • Tewdros Kefle
    • Mahder Belay
    • Helen Neway
    • Dawit Abate

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