Father Of Murdered Pizza Delivery Driver Forgives Killer


People in a courtroom and around the world very touched by a father who forgives the killer of his son. Father, Dr. Abdul-Munim Sombat went as far as to give his son’s

Pizza Hut employee, Jitmoud was Viciously Knifed to Death in 2015

Dr. Abdul-Munim Sombat’s son, Salahuddin Jitmoud,

was only twenty-two years old when he was killed while delivering food for Pizza Hut back in 2015. The killer, Trey Retford accepted guilt for taking part in the vicious stabbing of Jitmoud in October of this year.

Trey’s mother was also one of the emotionally affected people in the audience. She later said that she was shocked and amazed at the forgiveness by the tragic victim’s father.

In addition, she explained that her son Trey was a drug addict and that she had relocated him to Kentucky from Atlanta to get him away from violence and drugs.

Father of Deceased Hugs Vicious Killer

“I blamed the devil who misguided you and misled you to do such a horrible crime. NO. I don’t blame you. I am angry with you at all,” said Abdul-Munim Sombat. The courtroom was overwhelmed. The judge was on the verge of sobbing when she said: “This may be a good time to take  a break. Thank you.”

Later, Trey stood in an orange prison jumpsuit and said “I am sorry about what happen that day” The father and his son’s killer hugging is bound to stay in the memories of many of those present. Nevertheless, Troy was sentenced to 31 years for participating in the killing.

This story is a testimony to the power of forgiveness. It is not many of us that can successfully forgive others even for small infractions let alone something as tragic and life-shattering as this.

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