New Life: Traditional Medicine / ወጌሻ – Part 1


Traditional medicine in Ethiopia has a very long story. People were using it back then when there was no appropriate doctor.

Oldest peoples in the village could give traditional medical treatment without any education they know the disease the symptom and its cure just by experience.

Emama Joro is a gifted woman who is very good at this kind of treatment. She is what we call in Amharic Wegesha which mean a person who fixes broken bone by rubbing down. When Emama Joro explain who she gets to start to do this states that’ ‘I worked for the government for 28 years. Before I start working this full time, People will bring injured persons to me and used to fix them. But that gets me to be late to my work and my boss doesn’t like that so he told me to choose about my home job and my real job so I start doing it after I came back from work I treat them.

My father was a very famous traditional doctor. In 1984 after a year that TPLF took over my father called me and said this thing you are doing is a blessing from God you are gifted you should keep doing this and save peoples life I bless you so everyone you touch to be cured’. And my father left to other country and died there.

Everybody with different problems come to Emama Joro’s house to get the treatment. They Knead one person every three days till they get better and cured.

Emama Joro believes that it’s a gift from God even she doesn’t have proper medical knowledge, people are getting well by her experienced treatment. She uses her hand and even her leg to smear the patients also equipment like glass, metal stick.
The massage which is given by glass is called ‘Wagimt’. It’s also a very known method in China. They believe that the glass will collect all the disease from the patient’s body.

Many patients testified that they have been cured by Emama joro’s services.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ