Social Media Bloggers comment on Al-Amoudi’s Detention in Saudi Arabia


It is well known that Ethiopians first richest man and Saudis second, Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for corruption. And also, he is said to have banned bank account with the detainees.

The Russians Daily Wall Street quoted last week that Saudi Arabia banned nearly 8 billion assets against corruption.
Social media users have been among the investors that Saudi Arabia has decided to suspend their properties.

Ethiopians were so surprised to hear this news. And many Ethiopians who are a fan and heaters of the millionaire was commenting on the incident using social media.

Journalist Elias Gebru, on his Facebook account, said, ‘people are saying we won’t stop fighting about Shek Al-Amoudi, but instead I would respect you if you if you say that for those innocents who are in prison as a terrorist for asking freedoms question’.

The former Congress representatives of a political party named Kinijit, Mohammed Ali Mohammed states ‘why are we happy to hear the clutch of the millionaire? Is it because they are a good friend with the Governor or is it because we don’t know the resource of his wealth, or

is it because he has the pedigree of Saudi? For now, just because he is Ethiopian for birth let’s give him our support if we couldn’t do that keeping our mouth shut is one good thing.

‘Al-Amoudi is not imprisoned in Saudi, it’s just rumored by those who are a heater of the millionaire and Ethiopia. The Al-Amoudi who is imprisoned is not Ethiopian Al-Amoudi’. This is also a post on Facebook by a user named Amoraw Ethio.

Different community website users have sent similar messages. There are some people who are happy and some are sad about the detention of Al-Amoudi.

This Facebook user Named Cheruamilak Mintesnot looks like that he is happy so, he writes that ‘we are the one who has been swept our wealth until we become naked why did Saudi arrest Al-Amoudi even though we are happy by his imprisonment, we are so mad that we couldn’t arrest him first.’

‘You do whatever you want to do with each other but release our Al-Amoudi we need him he is our Ethiopian kind man’. This one is stated by Siraj.
There are also many funny messages posted on different social media.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ