Betoch: Ethiopian Series Drama Latest Episode 195 “Huletum”


Firstly, get ready for lots of laughs as you watch Betoch, perhaps the funniest of the Amharic sitcoms. Tilhaun Gugsa Adverting and Arts Promotion bring you the 195th Episode with the customary kick-off; the “Betoch!” exclamation by Tilhaun Gessese himself. This is a common adage used upon arriving at someone’s residence and alerting hosts to your presence.

Beginning Credit Animations Reveal Each Betoch Family Member’s Traits

Betoch has made interesting changes to the Beginning credits where each character of the family sitcom is introduced. Likely to become a classic, the way the characters are introduced may remind sitcom lovers of the old American show, ‘The Brady Bunch.’


As an illustration, Fekadu Haile who plays the laid back, easy going son is shown next to a speech bubble. The speech bubble, roughly paraphrased into English says, “Should we explode. No, we won’t.” This saying is popular among Ethiopian youth is a way of saying calm down, and discouraging stress and worry.  In a sense, it may be likened to American colloquial expression, “take a chill pill.” Nisu Haile, the housekeeper, is presented with words describing her somewhat outrageous desire to be knowledgeable.

Further, the young and studious daughter, played by Gelila Ersom, has question marks all around her head. These, very likely, symbolize her prodigious learning abilities. The prudent mother, played by Makeda Haile, stands next to a blackboard which reads ‘Savings.’ This theme reflects the real-life effort Ethiopian government PR effort to create a generation of frugal citizens who save their money. In addition, speaking of money, Fekadu Facil appears next to wrapped money stacks, which reveals his enterprising nature.

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Significantly, Betoch begins with the house guard feeling nostalgic about his countryside home. The customary taunts between him and the housekeeper lead on the way on this episode of Betoch.

This episode is well produced and the actors perform well as usual.

For one thing, The director of photography, Kasahun Alemu, does a remarkable job of guiding the camera and light crews of this Betoch production as usual.

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