Amen: Ethiopian Series Drama Latest Episode 10

As the season finale comes nearer many of the conflicts in the Amen tv series are still unresolved. Yet Bizuayeu Alemu and Nigist Haile begin to work up plenty of surprises the fans of the popular tv series.

Chacha (played by Solomon Tashey), the dangerous criminal and his mate Akilu have been following up on Ras Jano’s killer since Episode 4 of the first episode. In Episode 9, Chacha approaches Dagu, the simple-minded and loving friend of Amen.


In this episode, Chacha stabs Degu before Amen intervenes with his taekwondo skills and fights off the thuggish Chacha. Amen screams and assists Degu. His mother arrives on the scene and they drive off to the hospital. Degu says he is fine and the wound is on arm.

The wound is not fatal and Degu leaves the hospital shortly afterward. Degu and his mother begin taking care of Degu. The mother serves Atmit, a grain drink believed to assist in the healing process.

Meanwhile a woman in a remote border area. She is buying shoes from Kenyan smugglers.

Recent Amen Episodes Bring an Increase In Dramatic tension

Nigist Haile, the writer for this tv series, has truly raised up the dramatic tension in this and the previous episode.

Akilu and Chacha have a dispute and Chacha almost attacks him, before some young men break up the confrontation.

Amen is hard at work in the taekwondo dojo as usual. He spars with his mentor and karate instructor vigorously.

Inspector Ayalew Belay has Amen and his mother at his office. His friend Thomas (Yabesera Teklu) is also brought in by two Federal police. Thomas is very nervous and doesn’t answer Inspector Ayalew questions directly. They are all at the Kolfe Kareno police station.

Latest News On Addis Ababa Police Website 

It is to be recalled, that in Thomas took home Ras Jano’s phone at the crime scene after Amen fought off the murderers.

The police have discovered that Ras Jano’s phone has been in Thomas’s possession this whole time. Amen explains about the night of Ras Jano’s death.

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