Comedian Dereje Haile Travel To America – Ethio FM


After his wedding Comedian Dereje Haile is Traveling to America for visit with Menew Shewa entertainment. It’s his first-time tour to America and says he’s getting ready to make peoples laugh.

He starts comedy before 30 years with his partner Habte Mitiku. Before his partner passed away they were so known for their short Dramas and comedic music.
Comedian Dereje Haile has got married recently to his fiancé Seble Admassu. He was living his bachelor lifelong focusing on his career.

His wedding invitation card was different from the usual invitation card, it was written as a poem by Poet Tagel Seifu.

In his tour to the USA, with the collaboration of Meskerem Bekele, he will present his jocks. He is one of the best Ethiopian standup comedians who is living in America. And they say they are planning to their very best to entertain those who love comedy.

And Seifu, host of the radio program asks him that if he’s coming back to Ethiopia or not, because this is his first time going to America After some tryouts, Dereje replied, ‘you know how much I love my mother and there is one thing who implied by mother and that’s Ethiopia where else can I live without my mother plus am a new groom my beloved wife is here so trust me I am definitely coming back, even I wish I could bring one of the legend comedian KIbebew Geda who is living in America.’

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