Seifu on EBS: Interview with Actor Tinsea Berhane


Tinsae Berhane if a young actor known for Zemen tv series drama. On the age of 18, he left his parents’ house to start a life on his own. He starts working as a waiter in a restaurant located around Piassa.

While he’s working there he got the chance to meet up with actor and screenplay writer Zenebe Tesfaye. And he told him that he wants him to play with him in his tether and Tinsae was very happy. After a long time of rehearsal, he presents his first stage play. He also plays on a move called ‘Belidete Ken’ by Bahailu wasse (wajo).

He lived in Holland for three a month and come back to Ethiopia because he was cast for Zemen tv drama. He also says that living abroad is so hard our culture and their culture is different your brain won’t rest when you see what’s happening in there.

He believes s that being a waiter opened a great door for his life he says ‘what must be done will be done for me to be an actor first I have to be a waiter now am getting people’s acceptance in the movie industry’.

He had also a lot of funny and unforgettable moment while he was working in the restaurant. He presented one of his unforgettable moment with Seifu as a short dram and it was very funny.
‘Now I am growing myself through Zemen Drama it helps me to learn many things that I didn’t know before, but that’s not my limit I want to know a lot of things about the movie industry and make some change.’

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ