Seifu on EBS: Esubalew Yetayew(Yeshi) – Tertaye Live Performance


Rising Star Performs His Hit Song

Esubalew Yetayew (Yeshi) performs his hit song on  Seifu’s late-night style show. A complete band accompanies him as he sings the lyrics that has won him thousands of fans in Addis Ababa and beyond.

The energetic beats accompany Esubalew’s moving song. Esubalew is twenty-four and wrote and organized his own songs. The rising star is also known for Mare Mare which he released in 2016.


During this show, he tells Seifu that his new album “Teretaye” just sold 30,000 copies shortly after it was released. He is planning another release with Habesha band and others.

Esubalew Yetaew is wearing a uniquely tailored  Ethiopian traditional shirt which attracts Seifu’s attention at this event. This shirt, it turns out, was designed by his friend Jhonny.

Esubalew is Preparing for a Concert Tour to places including Israel and Washington DC

Also, he gives stellar performance on the Seifu show. On Seifu’s show, he recently explained why he goes by the name of Yeshi. It is to show appreciation for his loving and very supportive mother who assisted him to achieve this success.

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Significantly, Esubalew Yetaew (Yeshi) shows a lot of love and respect for his parents.

In addition, Eusubalew is planning a world tour. His concert destinations include Washington DC and Israel. Seifu Fantahun informs his audience that Esubalew women. music is especially popular with the lady’s is especially.

This young Ethiopian music star was on this same platform last year performing his then hit song “Mare Mare”.

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Unquestionably, it is a good idea to look forward to a lot of new and fresh music from this promising musician.

Teretaye is a very expressive term of endearment in Amharic. It signifies the beating of a person’s heart and the love and affection someone may feel towards a person.

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