Bereket Belayeneh Recites Poem


Bereket Belayeneh’s Recites a Poem From His Book

Earlier, Diretube covered talented dramatist and poet, Bereket Belayeneh achievements and future plans in a recent video and article.

The poet and playwright discussed his play, Eyayu Fenges on the Coffee Time program. Evidently, this play has already been seen by 100,000 people according to Bereket and is achieving high acclaim here in Addis Ababa and internationally.

The host of Coffee Time, towards the end of this show, focuses her attention on Bereket Belayeneh’s poetic abilities. Accordingly, she says in Amharic, “Besides being a playwright you are mainly known as a poet.” Next, she suggests he recites one of his poems to which he complies.

“I am happy to read one poem from my book.” He has chosen ‘Telat Meleyet’ which can mean knowing, discerning or selecting one’s enemy depending on context. As he sits at a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony with the pretty host of EBS Coffee Time he begins reciting.

Bereket Recites ‘Telat Meleyet’: A Poem About Nature and Human Folly

The poem begins with a remonstrance not to forget the winds of yesteryear. Afterwards, the winds and the flowers are related together. Forthwith, this natural phenomenon, the behavior of the wind among flowers is likened to beauty which can be walled out or kept out by Neket and Tiliacha. 

Niket is similar or the same as contempt and Tilacha means hate. Then the object of the poem, an unnamed person is portrayed as being in a contest of sorts. She fights the sun, wind and even the dirt.

In addition, The poet announces this fitful contest or indignant grappling with the Amharic word Eleh Yetegaba. So the poem brings to mind an unfortunate person who is out of touch and even in opposition to nature.

This poem ends with a remonstrance to this individual who is a wasteful servant (Bekun Ashker). Whom this person serves seems open to interpretation. The poem advises that this person. Why should she enter into a fight or war with the sun? She is planting flowers.Planting flowers may be symbolic for engaging in any productive work.

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