Jossy “Min Addis?” interview with Artist Mamila


Min Addis is a show hosted by Artist Yoseph Gebre (Jossy) which covers new story on social, political and entertainment industry. By inviting guests who are concerned about the issue,
Jossy starts the conversation with today’s guest Mamila Lukas by saying’ you know am scared of you because of your body look. You look like a fighter and I think it because you are from Hawassa and people say that you guys are a fighter.’ And Mamila Answers ‘actually just because am from Hawassa Doesn’t mean I am a fighter my body looks this way because I do exercise and we grew up doing different sports and if someone scares you by the look, what can I say it’s the grace of God.’
Today they are here to talk about his new single and a rumor about him being in a quarrel with one female musician.
The story is that singer and songwriter Mamila had given a lyric and a melody to one singer and after receiving the payment he sang the music.
When he explains the situation, he says ‘actually there is a misunderstanding about the situation I was doing my music by that time after I give her the lyrics and melody there is some similarity with mine and she assumes that I stole from her but, that’s not true. We talked about it and comes to an agreement.’
And the host asked him if he returns the money, he answered ‘no I didn’t because she hasn’t returned my lyrics and melody. But when she releases the music I don’t want my name to be mentioned.’
His first single music was with his partner Kichini with one of Southern Ethiopian Language Walaita called Aw aw Bade. This music was undertaking and it opens a way t other music in Southern language.
Mamila is also a known songwriter he gives many celebrities lyrics and melody such as Birhau Tezera, Tadele Roba, Mahlet G/Gorgies and many more.
This man is crazy on stage and kind of shy outside ‘music makes me like i’m drunk when i’m in the stage my spirit is connected to the music all am thinking is about that only.’
He had traveled to Israel, South Africa and Dubai to present his music. He is also doing his album.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ