Seifu on EBS: Interview with Garment Designer Solomon


Creative Leather Designer Makes Bag Convertable Into Jacket,  Agelgel Style Travel Bag, and Others

Seifu Fantahun invites Solomon, a leather designer to the stage with applause. Solomon studied at the leather institute for 3 years. He was viewed as a lazy student.

Teachers use to threaten him about graduating. He graduated and went on to become an exceptional designer. Siefu does a characteristic play on words. When you say temereku, do you mean by elders? This is because the word has two meanings, praise and good wishes from elders and the intended meaning, graduation.

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Seifu points a finger at a handbag Solomon is carrying, “Is that just a bag or what?” Solomon has spent four years creating this bag that can be converted into a jacket.

Next, he explains that this fights climate change through conservation. He does a demo. Now Solomon is wearing the handbag, it has transformed into a stylish jacket. “seven birds with one stone,” Siefu puns.

“Whats that on your hand?” Seifu continues. Wallets are bad for your back according to new medical science, so I created this wristband wallet. Seifu receives the wallet and removes an identification card and a 100 birr. Good for pickpockets too! Amazing.

Solomon is talking to corporations to work with him. He has discussed with a few but he has not found anyone yet. “I am sure, after this meeting, there are a lot of leather industries. They will find you,” says Seifu.

Solomon shows another brownish leather bag with a circular compartment at the bottom. A handcrafted tablet holder follows. There are many ways to hold it. There is a removable band which allows you to carry it over your shoulder. The insides are comfortable, says Siefu. An attractive Agelgel style bag follows which immediately gets wows and applause from the crowd. Solomon came up with the idea while in Bahir Dar to visit a friend who runs a leather products store.

Learn more, about this inspiring and innovative Ethiopian on DireTube.


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